How and why does the beard oil work? Part 1.

In this series we will cover the benefits of different ingredients of each used oil. Risu is formatted with quality and effect in mind. We want to include you why we use and trust each ingredient that can be found inside Risu Beard Oil bottle. If you are not into specifics, this might not be for you. Because we are going to science the shit out of this. 

There are many things that Risu Beard Oils do for your skin and beard. Because healthy beard lives in healthy chin, it is important to focus treating them both. But what does these anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, hydrating, derby-derby things mean? To some readers it might sound like pompous aromatherapy-benefit-dropping nonsense. So we need proof that these ingredients have been be beneficial in real clinical studies, not just folklore. So lets dig in: how does this thing make my beard soft, to shine and shape it to jaw cashmere? 

We start with the most important nordic particle of the mixture, which can be found in every Risu Beard Oil bottle – the magnificent Sea Buckthorn seed oil.


Sea buckthorn


The skin benefits of this little berry have been proved in modern clinical studies and shows that it helps with various skin conditions: eczema, burns, bad healing wounds, skin damaging effects of the sun.

It also helps balance your skins natural oil balance, especially if you have oily skin with acne problems. It has UV-blocking activity as well as emollient properties.

So is Sea buckthorn oil just for the skin? What about for the beard itself?

The name Hippophae means shiny horse. That can't be coincidence, let's look at the constituents even closlier



Vitamin C, provitamin A, B complex vitamins, particularly vitamin B12, vitamin E, Vitamin K, flavonoids, minerals, fruit acids, palmitoleic acid, sterols, essential fatty acids


Sea buckthorn berries are among the most nutritious and vitamin-rich fruits found in the plant kingdom. There are insane amount of vitamin C (360-2500mg/100g depending on the subspecies.) Vitamin E concentration can be as much as 160 mg/100 g of berries. Folic acid (aka vitamin B9) constituent can be up to 80 microg.

Why are these important? Especially vitamin E and folic acid are important factors in preventing hair loss. Some doctors also claim that it has a great stimulant for the growth of capillaries. So when the capillaries are healthy and profuse, the blood circulation in the scalp will be enhanced which will therefore promote strong and healthy growth of hair. When applied directly, the rich nutrients and proteins saturate the skin and stimulate hair follicles. What results is less dry and damaged facial hair. 


More science

The seed oil is characterized by its high oleic acid content (17%) and its one to one ratio of omega-3 (alpha linoleic) and omega-6 (linoleic) at approximately 34% and 31%, respectively. The relationship of equivalence between the two omegas is critical because they self check each other in a delicate balance to regulate thousands of metabolic functions through prostaglandin pathways. Nearly every biological function is interconnected with balance between omega-6 and omega-3.

Seabuck thorn plant has also an eco-enviroment benefits. An H. rhamnoides plantation helps defeat erosion on barren lands. So you are also doing a world a favor by grooming your beard.

The oil absorbs ultraviolet light and promotes healthy skin. This property has the potential to protect in the event of nuclear warfare. So it should be essential stuff in your bomb shelter, right? It is thought that high level of tocopherol in Sea buckthorn oil minimizes lipid oxidation.


Some random facts

    • Seabuckthorn drink was the official beverage for Chinese athletes at the Seoul Olympic games in 1988.
    • Seabuckthorn oil was used by Russian cosmonauts for protection against harmful radiation.
    • Seabuckthorn is believed to be the favored food of Pegasus, the winged flying horse of Greek mythology.
    • Seabuckthorn is credited as one of the factors that contributed to the Mongolian Genghis Khan’s conquest of a large part of the world during the 12th and 13th.
    • There is enough vitamin C in seabuckthorn berries around the world to meet dietary requirement of the entire human population.



We won’t go deeper to the medicinal side of the berries but just so you know:

If you have a chicken pet with bad alcohol consumption, there is a research that says this oil might help with liver problems. 


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