Short beards need love too

The first few days growing a beard from a clean shave can be a bit itchy. Sometimes it gets so bad that some men never grow beards because of the skin irritation the short stubble causes. Beard oil is not just for long beards, you can use it anywhere from 5 o'clock shadow to full grown viking beard. 

Most often those closest to us, the stubble does the most damage. It's like sandpaper she says. Usually the itch goes away itself in few weeks, if you want to let it grow. But what to do when you can't or don't want to grow a long beard?

Why does it itch? Make it stahp!

When you shave your beard, the razor edge cuts your beard in an angle that leaves the hair sharp at the edge, like a needle. As your beard grows back, that needle can scratch and irritate your skin, resulting in itch. 

The second causation of itcy beard is dry skin. You can get dry skin from various reasons (like the nordic climate itself is sufficient). Now imagine the needles growing from your skin from funny angles combined with the dry skin and you'll want to reach out for that razor more than ever. 

But the full beard is not the only beard style. What if you want to keep it short and sweet? Well worry not. Here is how you manage a stubble beard:

 How to keep short beard

1. First of all grow a stubble or a baby beard. This should be self-explanatory, but here is how.

2. There are lot's of videos on Youtube how to trim the beard. You want to pay attention to the neckline as well as the cheeks. 

3. You can start applying beard oil as soon as you decide to grow a beard. Here is why. It instantly moisturizes your skin. It makes those pointy needles less irritating, softening them to smooth out the growing phase (she will notice the difference too). Start with only one drop of the oil and proceed to increase the amount when the beard gets longer. Remember when applying the beard oil, less is more. 

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