5 Best Vodkas from All Around the World

 A guest blog by Peter Minkoff.


Clear spirits are some of the best liquor choices at any event. No matter the setting, the music or the crowd, you can’t go wrong with vodka. Why, you might ask? Because vodka is the perfect drink to either enjoy on its own, or infused in a cocktail of complementary tastes – the creative possibilities are endless.

This seemingly neutral, refreshing spirit can be mixed with zesty tastes such as lemon or lime, complemented with ice to make an invigorating summer cocktail or it can be infused with warm, sweet liqueurs for those long winter parties. Ultimately, it’s just an amazing drink on its own. So here are the five best vodka brands from around the world, for your pleasure only.

Archie Rose – Australia

archie rose

When you think of vodka, Vladimir Putin riding a grizzly bear wielding an AK-47 is probably the first thing that comes to mind. While painting a vivid picture of modern Russia is always amusing, you actually want to be picturing kangaroos having a drink-off in the middle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, because one of the best vodkas in the world comes from Archie Rose, an Australian born and bred distillery.

Archie Rose vodka is made with all-natural Australian ingredients, giving it the unique smoothness, complemented by subtle taste hints to appeal to the most refined palates. This one is a true delight for all spirit lovers and cocktail-makers alike.

Korpimaan Kyynel – Finland

What a mouthful that is, right? Yet their vodka – smooth as silk, icy as the Baltic Sea, and strong as a Viking’s shield. This one is for true spirit enthusiasts who can handle a kick and a twist. Korpimaan Kyynel uses pure Helsinki water paired with unique and, of course, secret ingredients passed on through generations to create a dazzling combination of clarity, smoothness and flavour.

Right off the bat, this brand will steal your heart with its fine packaging and emotional stories that accompany its taste. The spirit is distilled and bottled by hand in Helsinki while the ingredients are derived from the untouched Finnish countryside, using high-quality rye and barley as the base of the liquor.

Cardinal Sin – USA

The St. Louis Distillery that produces Cardinal Sin vodka has been voted the top craft distillery in the country by USA Today. That is not a small feat, considering the vast competition in the vodka industry. The amazing visual identity perfectly complements the clean, pure and crisp taste of their spirits, and the company sources its ingredients from the finest regions of the American Midwest, using natural, carefully selected materials in their distillation process. Each bottle they produce is hand-corked and wax-sealed, making it a true delight for all vodka lovers.

Vestal – Poland


More than anything else, Vestal emphasizes the down-to-earth approach to spirit making, hand picking their every ingredient with care and attention to taste, structure and origin. Vestal seems to have had enough with global, flavourless companies destroying the value and legacy of real vodka spirits, and they put all of their efforts into bringing it back to its former glory.

You might say that they are doing an amazing job with all of their vodka types. From unfiltered to barrel aged vodka, there is no shortage of unique tastes. Be wary, though, as east European vodka is predominantly made out of potatoes, and so is Vestal, which requires a specific palate and a distinct appreciation for this unique flavour.

Wild Knight – UK

wild knight

Lastly, the wild Brits have their own tradition when it comes to delicious spirits, and it comes to life in the form of Wild Knight vodka. Immediately, the Wild Knight has a certain ominous, dark appeal that will get you interested in what lies underneath its sophisticated, chilling exterior.

Made by hand from the finest barley in England, their master distillers have created a taste so pure and smooth, that the process entails a single distillation. Referring to their vodka as liquid silk, the makers take exceptional pride in their top of the line product infused with soft tastes and a long, vibrant finish.

Vodka is truly the liquor of choice at any event, official or casual, from upscale events to summer night parties. Consumed as a solid drink, or infused with various complementary tastes to bring any festivity to a new level, this clear spirit has no faults. Be sure to try out these craft vodka brands for a taste of true tradition and quality.

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