Bearded Lads Guide to Girlfriend Birthday Gifts

A guest blog by Peter Minkoff.


Shopping for girls, phew… guys sometimes feel they’d sooner find cure for cancer than a proper gift for their sweetheart. However, every once in a blue Moon it happens we actually get it right – and it overjoys us! You know what? When your girl’s pleased, all things fall into place in the relationship. So, our currency is – keep her happy, and you won’t sleep with one eye open after every “I am fine” or “It’s nothing”, fearing that she’ll be chopping off your beard in your sleep.

Anyways, experience has shown the best gifts for girls are within these few we’ll be listing below (there are always exceptions, sure, but – you know).

Tickets to her home planet

We all know her home address is somewhere on Venus, right? Well, you can’t actually buy her a ticket to go visit her folks on a different planet, but you can buy her a ticket for a prolonged weekend in her favorite foreign country. If you know she’d like you to come with her, then make it a couple’s trip. But, if your gal is an independent foxy, buy her and her best friend tickets to your bae’s fave destination. Whether it’s Spain, Italy, Greece, the UK or somewhere closer to home – just make sure she loves it.

Buy her hotness


If you have already booked a holiday somewhere where the oceans are turquoise blue and the beaches are as white as clouds, your girl will need a piece of hot swimwear to show around. You already know her body and her style, so do some digging and buy her swimwear online that you know she’ll adore. Sure, you can go around from shop to shop, too… but this way, you don’t even have to leave the house and yet – be presented with an array of awesomeness. Plus, there are swimwear lady models there to gawk at!

All things that sparkle

If your bae is a fashionable lady, she’ll adore getting jewelry; by now, you are familiar with her tastes, you know what she’s wearing and you’ve probably gotten a few hints on what she’s been eyeing on recently. If you are totally clueless (we don’t blame you, though – most of us are), talk to her best friend and see if she’d be willing to help. We guess those two are like finger and nail, so she’ll be able to tip you off in the right direction. If your budget allows it, a pair of bud diamond earrings is always a perfect gift, but if your wallet is too thin for such extravaganza, don’t force it. Explore your options and go for the affordable win.

Surprises, surprises


There are like 10% of people on this planet that don’t like surprises; if your girl is one of them – bummer. But, if she isn’t, she’ll sure swoon over being surprised by her boyfriend with a surprise birthday party! But, you have to chill and not be obvious. For instance, if you are planning the party on the exact date when her actual b-day is, take her to her “birthday lunch” that day, so she doesn’t twig to it. She will be twice as surprised!


Well, you know – if you’ve been considering/planning it anyway, why not do it on her b-day? It would be wonderfully romantic to gather her whole family for the party and then pop the question – what a wonderful memory! Sure, if you mess things up and go cheat or break her heart, you’ve ruined her b-day forever… but you won’t, right?

Well, guys – we hope we were helpful. Good luck!


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