Christmas Gifts For The Bearded

A guest blog by Peter Minkoff.

Christmas is upon us and we all know what this time of the year is all about, family, friends and of course, presents. Buying a gift for Christmas is unlike anything else. You need to nail down the theme of the holidays and on top of that buy a practical and fun gift. But what should you get for a bearded man? They live a different lifestyle than your average lad, use items that regular men never gets in contact with and they have their own fashion.

But don’t worry, buying for bearded men is not as hard as it seems, even on Christmas. With our suggestions, you will surely impress your bristly friend, without having to spend all day scouring stores and malls.

Beard oil

First on our list is beard oil. Every man with even the smallest beard should use this marvelous product. It will keep his beard fresh and healthy during cold winter days. There are plenty of beard oils to choose from, but if you could find out what is his favorite one that will be the best solution. If you want, you can get a cedar-flavored oil and his beard will smell like Christmas itself.

Beard shampoo and soap

Another great gift for men with the beard is special shampoo or soap for their brush. It will clean it, hydrate it and keep all the bad smells away. As with the oil, there are a number of brands that produce these products, so find his favorite one. The best beard shampoos and soaps are made of natural ingredients like vegetable oils, natural fragrances, etc.

Old-fashioned straight razor

Chances are that your bristly mate already has a complete grooming set and all necessary tools to take care of his beard, but you can still gift them an old-fashioned straight razor. Most of the people don’t use them anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they are useless. If your friend loves vintage items, then this razor will fit him perfectly. They can use it for precision shaving and trimming.


Next one is a sweater, after all, winter is outside. Keep in mind that it all depends on what style he is rocking, so buy him something that will suit him well. If your friend loves preppy style outfits, then get him an argyle sweater or if he has a bit more formal look, then any colored sweater will do the trick. Additionally, you can go full in the spirit of Christmas and buy him one of those fluffy woolen ones that have Christmas themed drawing on them.

Leather bracelet

Another fashion piece that we recommend is a leather bracelet. If your bearded friend is somewhat of a hipster and loves vintage inspired accessories, this will be the perfect gift for him.  You can find many types of leather anchor bracelet in any menswear store or even online. Pick the model that will go best with his overall look and you will surely win the best present award.

Beer Growler

Lastly, this one is for all the men, including the bearded ones. If your man enjoys beer, then buying him a beer growler will highlight his year. This contraption is basically an airtight jug that is used for transportation of beer without degrading its quality. Every beer lover should have one. With beer growler, they will be able to get a beer from their local brewery without having to worry about it getting spoiled or they can show off their homemade brew without hauling the whole keg.

That is everything from our list. As you can see there is something for everyone. If you want to add to their grooming collection, then buy them a beard oil or soap, but if you want to get them something more creative, beer growler is the way to go. Regardless of what you choose from our list, you won’t make a mistake.

 [updated 16.12.2021]


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