Finnish your sauna moments with Risu

Risu Sauna

Risu was born to meet the best possible beard care needs and was the first Finnish premium beard oil company. Our inspiration came from the need to be in the wilderness while living the buzzing city lifestyle. Taking care of your beard, your body, and your soul is important and we need to treat every aspect of our lives with equal care.

We thought it would be a good time to bring something new and quite different to the table while staying true to where we started. Our products have always been made in Finland with the finest material and craftsmanship. We only produce pieces that we truly believe in and trust. Now we are delighted to introduce you to our new product line: Risu Sauna Collection.

Risu Wash Mitten

Sauna is an important part of the Finnish identity, tradition, and heritage. Rather than just a place to bathe and cleanse the sauna is a state of mind. It’s a place for relaxation and healing. We wanted to create a collection that reflects this tranquillity; products that are made utilizing the finest raw materials to create the perfect balance of quality, aesthetics, and conscious living. The collection is about enjoying the small things in life and giving well-deserved moments to our customers. Whilst not forgetting that after all, we want nothing but the best for your cheeks.

Nothing but the best for your cheeks

Risu Sauna Collection includes a sauna textile set with a high-quality woven sauna seat cover and sauna cushion, a linen terry wash mitten, as well as Risu Sauna & Room scents with the same unique blend of aromas as our beard oils.

Risu Sauna textile set

The sauna bench cover adds style, hygiene, and comfort, and our soft sauna cushion under your head or back gives a more pleasant and relaxing experience. Risu wash mitten is a gentle skin scrubber and perfect for the bath or shower. This mitten can also be used to dry brushing, which makes you feel great afterward. And to finish your sauna experience we added Risu Sauna & Room Scents to our collection. It’s all-natural, our scents contain only 100% pure essential oils.

All our sauna products are made in Finland, and beautifully patterned Risu textiles in cooperation with Jokipiin Pellava.

Finnish your sauna moments with Risu! 

Limited Sauna Collection now available at Risu Shop, where we also have a special treat for you 💚

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