How to make beard and face scrub out of your old beard oil

If you are a true beard enthusiastic, you have more beard oils in your possession that you will ever need. Some of them are your favourites and other ones are just sitting there somewhere in your bathroom (which is btw not where you should store them).


Well how can you still use them before they hit the expiry date looming close? The answer is simple; make a spicy beard scrub out of them. 

Sometimes it’s hard to wash the skin and the old oil out of the beard with just the shampoo. With beard scrub the skin gets exfoliating treatment even under the beard. The best part is that it’s super easy, anyone can do it at home.

The original idea for me to try this was actually from Katja Kokko’s “Aidosti Kaunis” book about natural cosmetics. 

I’ve only tested this on myself so obviously the results can vary a lot depending which oil are you going to use and how your skin reacts to this stuff. I’ve tried it several times now and even not ashamed to admit that this might become a regular thing for my beard and face.


So listen up the recipe is so simple even us men can understand this one.

½ portion of any beard oil you have sitting there (prefer organic)

½ portion of organic cane sugar.

Mix the stuff with the spoon and store in glass jar. Use within 6 months (of depending also on the beard oil BB date).

Scrub that thing onto your beard and face. You won’t need any oil after this treatment. Wash away and enjoy secretly without telling anyone.

Tell us how did it go and what oil did you use!

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