How to Pack For a Summer Vacation

A guest blog by Peter Minkoff.

what to pack for a summer vacation

Summer is finally here, and you probably can’t wait to head to some tropical destination and leave the concrete jungle behind you. Not so fast. First, you have to overcome one last obstacle – packing. The boogeyman of every summer travel – how much clothes do you need, which shoes should you pack, do you need one cotton t-shirt or two, are travel size toiletries enough, or you will need to decide for the regular sizes… There is simply no end to these questions. Add the risks of over-packing and under-packing into equation, and you will get one stressful start of a vacation. If only someone could do it for you. This is a long shot, but all we can do to help you do it faster and better is offer the following tips.

Go for Double-Duty Items

If someone knows their way around packing, those are definitely the ladies, and they always carry several versatile items with them. Beat them at their own game, and make about 80% of your wardrobe double-duty. Make sure that almost every piece you pack fulfills at least two criteria – e.g. it can be worn to a daily walk, and when you put on a fancy blazer on top of it, it can serve as a great outfit for a party. 

Pack Lightweight Fabrics

bearded man on a beach

Jeans are fine, but do you really want to be in your denim pants when the sun hits hard? Leave the heavy fabrics at home, and opt for lightweight clothing, such as linen, bamboo, cotton, and silk, because they will enable your skin to breathe. Also, if the hotel you are visiting doesn’t have the service of ironing, choose items that don’t get rumbled easily.

Disposable Fashion

This probably sounds ridiculous, but think about it – do you really have to buy those cheap and low-quality flip-flops at home and allow them to occupy space in your suitcase? You will throw them away after a month or two anyway. We suggest leaving the shopping for when you get to your destination. Buy flip flops, beach towel, hat, cotton t-shirts, boxer shorts, etc. and if you can fit them in your suitcase in return, well just leave them there.

Grooming when Away

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A gentleman must keep his groove on, even when away in some tropical destination. So, make sure you bring your grooming products. Summer sun can be really harsh to your skin and hair. Try to keep them as protected as you can by using sunscreen, moisturizers, lotions and conditioners. Do not neglect your facial hair either, and stock up on beard oil, which is not that easy to find in some places.

Sleep Tight

It is quite simple – if you do not sleep well, you will not be able to enjoy your vacation. Hotels can be very noisy, the weather and the jet lag can make it even harder to get a good rest. Pack a few things that could help you – a sleep mask, ear plugs, soothing tea, etc. A cool mist humidifier will be helpful if you have seasonal allergies, but it will also increase the moisture in a hotel room which uses air-conditioners that dry out the air.

Helpful Tech & Gadgets

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Gadgets and apps can be really helpful on your travel. So, other than your smartphone, which should be equipped with the best travel apps, you should pack a solar charger or a power bank, smart padlock for your suitcase, a camera, portable Wi-Fi, mini steam iron, eBook – basically anything you might need on your vacation.

It’s all up to you now. Pack your bags, get on the plane and then dip your feet into the warm sand. It was all worth it, right?

Clean & Healthy

Travel size toiletries will be enough, and if you run out of them, there is almost no destination in the world where you can’t stock up again. Make sure you pack a first-aid kit and some basic medicines, such as aspirin, nausea and diarrhea pills.

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