Luc's 6 quick tips for beardcare


Our ambassador in Luxembourg, Luc Von Gore has given our readers quick tips how he maintains his beard and whiskers in order. We thank Luc for sharing his secrets with us for the upcoming Movember season.

Luc's personal beard care list:

  • Before I take a shower, I brush my beard with a standard hairbrush (to get rid of the loose and dead hair in the beard)
  • During the shower, I thorough shampoo the hair with RISU Shampoo (2-3 times a week). The rest of the week I wash it only with water.
  • After the shower I gently dab the beard with a towel and put a small amount of RISU beard oil in it.
  • Next I take the hair dryer (not too hot) and a wooden beard comb and work on my beard until all the knots are gone and I got the rough shape I want.
  • After that I take a little bit more of the RISU beard oil and a beardbrush to work it deep into the beard.
  • Last but not least I use some beard balm to put the finishes touches and shape to the beard. 

How do you take care of your beard? Do you use any secret methods that might help others? 

You can follow Luc on instagram @lucvongore



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