Perfect Birthday Gifts for Bearded Guys

A guest blog by Peter Minkoff.

With the seemingly never-ending beard boom, it seems that everyone knows at least one man with marvelous facial hair. When the time comes to give that man a perfect birthday gift, and you don’t know where to start, a beard is always a good inspiration. Luckily, with the growing number of men thinking that the only joy of shaving a beard is growing it all over again, there are more and more products intended specifically for men loving their facial hair. Fashion is also keeping up with beard-friendly looks, from dapper to lumberjack. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Beard Oil

A man with a beard needs only one thing to be ready to go out and conquer the world – a fine-looking beard. The last thing he wants is for his facial hair to look unappealing and messy. So, if there is one product you should choose for him, that is beard oil. This product will help him to hydrate and nurture his beard, maintain healthy hair, and gain control over shaping it.

An Old-Fashioned Straight Razor

Have you noticed that many of the bearded guys look kind of old fashioned, and perhaps even last-century? As it happens most of them really love oldies but goodies. So, give him a classic evergreen item such as old-fashioned straight razor. Not only it will provoke a unique sense of nostalgia, but it will also be very functional for shaping a larger beard.

Beard Trimmer

Speaking of beard shaping, if your bearded guy prefers modern gadgets to antique items, consider giving him a beard trimmer. Be careful though, the one priority of a man with facial hair is, well, his facial hair, so you don’t want to go wrong with the choice of a trimmer. Opt for a quality device with a powerful blade, sleek design, vacuum function and more extensions.

Beard Comb

A beard comb is the best way to deal with a messy beard, since it goes to places not even the best trimmer can reach. When buying one, avoid plastic combs, since they can cause the irritating static, unbearable frizz and annoying twitches. Always search for combs made of natural materials, such as bamboo and wood, which will be gentle to his fabulous facial hair.

Tailored Suit

Dapper is the world we often see right along the word beard, and what is a dapper man without a few tailored mens suits? If you want to really evoke the atmosphere of past times, when men had exquisite style and respect-worthy conduct, opt for a three-piece suit with a pocket square and fedora hat.

Plaid Shirt

On the other side of the “Bearduniverse” stand lumberjack-style men, and when it comes to them, you can never go wrong with a good old plaid shirt. Just make sure you choose muted colors or dark red and blue/black combination. Never go for the modern combination of pastels, unless you want to ruin his alpha male style.

Statement Accessories

Men love their facial hair as much as they love their accessories, so why not buy him a unique piece of accessory where everything will be written down and exposed to the world? Choose one of the many handmade bracelets, ties or bow tie sets, it’s timeless and trendy at the same time!.

You see? It’s not that difficult to choose a gift for a bearded man. There’s only one rule to obey: make it about his facial hair. Now go out there and find the best gift there is!

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