Risu Baltic Blue Shampoo – the Ingredients

This blog post was written by Reetta Kaskela, an ambitious  Bachelor of Beauty and Cosmetics (estenomi) specialized in natural cosmetics. Reetta has done wonderful job as an intern at Risu.

During the months of developing a new product we spent a lot of time figuring out which are the best ingredients to include in our Risu Baltic Blue Shampoo. Our main goal was to create an effective and refreshing shampoo, but we also wanted it to be moisturising and conditioning for the hair. Testers after testers we formulated different combinations, and also tried them out by ourselves. A lot of hair washing has been done for the last couple of months, to say the least. But now we have finally found the right combination of ingredients we are happy with.



As we started to formulate this shampoo, we wanted it to have a natural surfactant which is gentle for the hair and the scalp, as well as the environment. We chose to use a mild surfactant, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate. It boosts foaming when using the product and conditions hair as well. It is made from the fatty acids of coconut oil and it is biodegradable. We have found the right concentration for it to give an efficient cleansing effect without being too drying for the hair.


We didn’t want to use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate in our shampoo for a few reasons. International Programme of Safety has made a report in cooperation with European Union, which states that SLS is harmful for aquatic organisms. It also states that it can irritate skin and eyes, and frequent use can cause a skin infection. Of course concentration is key in this matter as well, but if there is a better option available, why wouldn’t we use that instead? That is why our shampoo is SLS-free.



As mentioned, we wanted our shampoo to be moisturising and hair conditioning as well. Baobab Seed Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of Baobab Tree. It is a great carrier oil to use in shampoos, since in combination with the shampoos ingredients, it can penetrate the hair follicle and give it moisture and elasticity. It is nourishing for the scalp as well and it doesn’t weigh the hair down. Another main ingredient in this shampoo is Hydrolysed Wheat Protein which conditions and strengthens the hair.

 Another active ingredient in this product is Glycerin. It is known for its moisturising properties and is a very common ingredient in all sorts of cosmetic products. Our shampoo also contains Aloe Vera which is a skin conditioning ingredient, so it benefits your scalp as well. For the Baltic Blue Shampoo, we wanted to add something refreshing to match with the scent. That’s why we added a hint of Menthone to this shampoo to give a delicate cooling effect for the scalp.


Risu Baltic Blue Shampoo, suitable for all hair types. We are very excited to be able to launch this product very soon. Stay tuned!



  • Kenkä

    Looking forward to try out your product since both I and my scalp suffer from psori

  • Sam-Erik Ruttmann

    I have been looking for bathroom amenities for hotels here in Finland and internationally for hotels that care about the environment. I am a international hotel consultant based in Helsinki. I would be interested to speak with you about this. Regards Sam-Erik

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