Risu featuring Men's Journal: Best Beard Shampoos in 2022

Risu Afternoon Orange Shampoo

"Just when we thought beards could not get any softer..."

Risu Afternoon Orange Beard Shampoo featuring as one of the best beard shampoos in 2022 in Men's Journal.

Thank you for your great review - we couldn't agree more! When developing our shampoos, our main goal was to create an effective and refreshing shampoo, but we also wanted it to be moisturising and conditioning. With the best selling Afternoon Orange scent we even scaled up the softening ingredients. 

This shampoo is designed for beards as well. Its gentle oil-infused consistency nourishes and cleanses the beard without stripping the hair of its moisture. So why not to give a try! All our products are made in Finland with the best natural ingredients. 

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