The Manliest Hobbies for a 30-Year-Old

 A guest blog by Peter Minkoff.

Turning 30 is a major event in a man’s life that’s bound to change his frame of mind. His horizons will expand, his interests broaden and his list of daily activities start including a few new things. In most cases, these changes occur due to the arrival of a newborn or a fancy new job, but not always. A great way to become a better man in your 30s is finding a new hobby and doing something utterly masculine – you’ve finally reached the age of your hero James Bond, so why not use it? If you’re looking for manly hobbies that will make you stronger, better and confident, here are suggestions you might want to explore.

Beer Brewing

There’s nothing manlier than brewing and drinking your own beer and being a part of the entire process from the beginning to the end. Don’t have to be an alcoholic to realize and appreciate the importance of beer in your social life, which is why so many people turn to beer brewing in their 30s.

Even though this process sounds quite expensive, time-consuming and complex, it actually isn’t and you don’t need much money nor time to get your own brewsky. And once you acquire experience, you’ll start coming up with exciting new flavors that your friends will definitely appreciate.

Archery and Practical Shooting

If you’re a fan of James Bond or Arrow, this is something you must try. By the time you reach 30, you’re already a formed person, responsible and conscious, and ready to start exploring dangerous activities.

When it comes to archery, be prepared for things to get physical – holding a heavy bow for hours isn’t easy – but also exciting. Going back to the old days might help you relax, get your mind off everyday problems and reconnect to the nature. On the other hand, practical shooting is less dynamic but equally thrilling, and offers more options for you to explore. You can even compete against your friends to see who’s got more precision and concentration. This hobby usually isn’t expensive, but includes a few pricey gadgets and accessories you could obtain.


Speaking of manly activities, is there anything manlier than bodybuilding? Hitting the gym to lose a couple of pounds is quite all right, but doing it on a more professional level is a much better, healthier and, after all, manlier option. You’ve probably already tried enrolling in a gym once or twice in your life, but lacked motivation or saw no purpose in lifting weights just for fun. However, if you’re serious about bodybuilding, you’ll see purpose in no time!

In case you’re wondering whether it’s too late to get into bodybuilding in your 30s, keep in mind that a number of world-class bodybuilders started training at exactly the same age as you are right now, so it’s never too late. All you need is high-quality bodybuilding & gym clothes that will support your body, prevent injuries and help you achieve better results, and you’re good to go!


Now, this is literally the broadest suggestion in the book and if you’re looking for a great hobby, you can pick basically any sport you like. Being in your 30s often means you already have at least five or six good friends and there’s nothing stopping you from inviting them to a weekly game of soccer, basketball, volleyball or football. You don’t need to rely on your coworkers and an adult recreational league for some physical activity as long as you have friends, and playing sports with them will help you maintain that friendship. Ultimately, that’s something we all need.

If you’re not a fan of traditional sports, you can always opt for more extreme activities – rock climbing, skateboarding, skiing, scuba diving and surfing – or things like golfing and calisthenics. These activities will help you stay healthy, both mentally and physically, and make your life so much better.

Other Ideas

There are lots of other great hobbies every 30-something men could try, but you can find the one that suits you completely. For example, risk-takers can go for extreme sports or poker, family oriented fellas usually choose whittling, woodworking or ceramics, fitness aficionados could try weight lifting or jogging, while those who just need some time off may explore fishing, backpacking and hiking.

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