The Top 7 Hardest Foods to eat with a Beard




Well-groomed full beard is something that every man wants to try some point of his life. However, some food combinations don't go along with them. Here are the top 7 hardest foods to eat with beard. Some of them are very popular choices despite the challenge. You will find all the meals on our selection food combinations that you may like.If you have a beard, think it twice before you eat any of these foods. If you cannot help it, then we would advise you to eat them privately. They may be your favorite meals! If you are a true lover, will you risk it in public?


 7. Toast & Croissant

Either just toast or any toasted sandwich, toasted bread is always an issue. As you bite, there are always little pieces that jump in and out your mouth. When you have a beard, it seems that it was designed to catch all the bits of bread that want to escape. The outcome can be amusing for those fortunate spectators in the area. This is the reason why Santa Claus has no toaster. He can’t stand having his long beard full of bits of bread. Now you know why he prefers cookies and milk!


 6. Nachos and Dip


Watching a movie with nachos and cheese or other dip choice is a popular option. It may seem inoffensive at first, and when you eat just a few. The problem is that nachos and dip are unpredictable. The irregular shape of nachos can cause some serious complications. Unless you are careful enough to let everything to be grounded inside your closed mouth, you will sooner or later experience a nacho accident. The dip will get to one of the sides, decorating your beard with something unexpected. If you are lucky, you will notice, but if you are really into the movie, you might end up getting an embarrassing picture tagged in your favorite social network from right after the film.


5. Whole Corn with…


When you are given a whole corn plain, there are few issues with it. You may rub it with your beard, but that would be unnoticed. Unless the corn is prepared with something else, then, whole corn can become an issue. Sometimes, you get it outside soup or a dish with sauce. At some places, they just put lemon on it, and these are the smallest challenge. The actual problem comes when the whole corn is full of mayonnaise, cheese, and even chili powder. Sweeping all these ingredients with your beard is the natural outcome of trying this sort of combination.



 4. Noodles and Spaghetti

Both noodles and spaghetti are long pasta that can be an issue with a beard. In fact, other versions of long pasta pose the same challenge and require ability. Mainly those dishes that have a lot of sauce or indeed added an ingredient like ground beef need more skills. The problem with long pasta is that as you eat them, it is easy that they bounce around your mouth, making a mess out of your beard. You have to be an actual expert on holding this sort of pasta to overcome the challenge.


 3. Food with BBQ

What about delicious BBQ ribs? Well, in fact, food with BBQ or any food with any sauce can become a mess if you have a long beard. It is common for your fingers to get sticky and full of sauce, but filling your face with it is a whole new level. Also, some sauces (bittersweet are the worse) can be sultry, and kind of difficult to clean. It is a true challenge to the power of napkins.


 2. Chicken wings


Head out with your friends for some wings and just one beer? No problem, for a shaved chin that is. Long bearded dudes know how the first sip from the beer usually attaches foam to the moustache area. But hey, that’s what the sleeves are for. Wings on the other hand are somewhat trickier. You could go with fork and knife, but that would take forever and kind of defeats the purpose of this delicious finger food.


 1. Ice-Cream Cones

Sweet lovers love ice-cream cones. This is number one because this may be the hardest food to eat with a beard on our list. If you have a beard, it may be easier to ask for ice-cream in a plastic glass and eat it with one of those tiny spoons. However, some people cannot sacrifice the amazing taste of a crunchy cone. Also, you may think it is ecological since you are not adding plastic waste to the environment. 


Long-bearded men usually have a strategy for eating these foods. What would you add to this list?

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