5 Signs You're a Bespoke Beardsman

A guest blog by Peter Minkoff.

 Flavio Bruni

A beard is a way of life. When people ask you why do you spend so much time nurturing and growing your facial hair, you find it hard to give an elaborate enough response with which they can connect. Your beard is who you are, and if they do not inherently understand the importance and allure of having a manly beard, then that is obviously not who they are, or are likely to become.

However, if you adopt and perfect the lifestyle of a true beardsman, you can avoid having to answer such questions altogether – when they see you, they will understand what you’re all about. Let’s take a look if you truly are a stylish beardsman.

You take care of your mane

This should go without question; a true beardsman treats his facial hair with care and respect, nurturing it with dedication and resolve, with a clear image of what he wants his beard to become. A beard doesn’t grow into a stylish personal statement on its own, it has to be molded and grown to perfection.

That is why your first step to becoming a true beardsman requires you to get your hands on quality beard products such as a dedicated comb, wash, a nurturing pomade and a rejuvenating beard oil to match. These essentials will shape, mold, style, and bring out the glory of your mane.

You glow in a manly way


A perfect beard loses its value and worth when paired with patchy, cracked, and neglected skin. If you want your beard to portray your unique and virile personality to the world, you need to create a synergy of hair and skin, letting them influence each other in an attempt to bring out the image you have dreamt up in your mind and sculpted in your heart.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to introduce a daily skincare regime to deal with any skin problems you might have, eliminating pimples and blackheads, and bringing out the glow and smoothness of your attractive complexion.

You dress to kill

The suit makes the man, but a suit combined with a magnificent beard makes a man who is ready to kill. Figuratively. How do you expect to rock a daring look with a set of completely off-putting threads hindering you every chance of creating a certain image in the eyes of your date or your friends? Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you want to come off as a beardsman and not a beardsteen, you better invest in stylish clothing suited for every occasion.

Don’t worry, a beard goes with any combination, just make sure to allow it to accentuate your persona by choosing the right pieces that complement its style and shape.

You accessorize like a gent

A true beardsman accessorizes with modesty and taste, allowing his unique accessories to express his personality to the fullest. The two biggest mistakes you could make is accessorizing too much and wearing the wrong accessories at the wrong time. Every accessory has its purpose, time, and place, and you should choose carefully when opting for the piece of the day. 

Casual attire should be supplemented with stylish beaded bracelets while a sophisticated suit cannot go without cufflinks, which not only hold the shirt in place, but complement and bring out the color of your suit.

Your body is your temple

Finally, a beard never looks good on a pencil neck. Not only does a stylish beard look amazing on a sculpted physique, it also complements a healthy, strong exterior, adding to your unique flair and virility. So be sure to get your derriere moving, whether it’s in the gym or outside. You should tighten up your core, use natural supplements, and ensure that your diet is completed with all the nutritions.


If you checked off all of these signs of a true beardsman, congratulations, enjoy the benefits and rewards of your bearded lifestyle! However, if you still haven’t included some of these prerequisites into your daily habits – well, what are you waiting for, get to work!

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