Health Resolutions For Men in 2017

A guest blog by Peter Minkoff.

With every new year arriving, we make resolutions that are going to change our life for the better. We want to start working out, learn a new foreign language, master a new skill, become more outgoing and less dependable on social media, and so on. But one of the things we don’t consider is our health – what are we going to do to become healthier in 2017? Here are some of the best health resolutions you should start thinking about as soon as possible.


Healthy Cooking

This could easily be the best decision of your entire life. Eating at home, preparing healthy meals on a daily basis and hand-picking what you’ll cook is immeasurably better for your body than skipping meals or eating fast food. If you want to make a real change, you have to be drastic, and this is where to start.

First of all, remove all harmful ingredients and foods from your home. Clean your fridge, organize your pantry and throw away all processed, frozen and precooked food, sweets, sodas, sauces and toppings. In short, everything except healthy stuff, fruits and vegetables. Start buying fresh ingredients at a local market and cook every single day. You don’t have to become an expert, but just a handful of healthy dishes under 400 calories can go a long way and make a huge difference in your health and appearance.


Healthy Attitude towards Health

How many times did you willingly visit a doctor last year? Modern people don’t have enough free time and, even when they do, they don’t spend it on themselves. Making regular medical appointments is rare nowadays and many think that they don’t need to visit their doctors unless they’re in pain. But the only painful thing is such an attitude.

Instead of promising yourself that you’re going to pay more attention to your health in 2017, just visit a doctor every once in a while. There might be nothing wrong with you, but there could be an issue you are unable to notice. People who can’t sleep and snore loudly could be advised to start sleep apnea treatment, while those suffering from back pain will learn how to deal with it. An annual checkup includes inspecting your blood pressure, temperature, heart and respiratory rate, and takes no more than one hour. In the end, schedule an appointment with your urologist, no matter how unpleasant that sounds at first, as it could actually save your life.



Healthy Hormone Levels

Another thing most men don’t pay attention to is their testosterone level. It has a tendency to decline adolescent years, so you too could easily suffer from low testosterone without knowing it. If you notice unexpected weight gain, loss of sleep, depression, erectile dysfunction and inability to build muscles or grow beard, you have to do something about your hormones.

There are lots of ways to increase your testosterone level, from natural additions to your meals to supplements and replacement therapy, but be very careful what you’re taking. Instead of getting injections, swallowing pills or applying gels containing testosterone, you can change your lifestyle and solve your problem in a natural and healthy way. Joining the gym, lifting some weights and eating foods rich in vitamins will boost your testosterone level faster than you think – and also help you stay healthy for a long time.


Other Healthy Resolutions

Some of the other health resolutions you should look into include sleeping more, limiting your alcohol consumption and quitting smoking. All of these will transform you into a happier and healthier man who’s going to realize his full potential in 2017!

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