Lazy Dude's Guide to Healthy Eating

 A guest blog by Peter Minkoff.

Yes, we all know how busy and hectic workdays can be, and sometimes you don’t even have the time to eat, let alone eat properly. After an exhausting day, you might be tempted to grab a burger on your way home or just throw that last night’s pizza into the microwave before you head out to work in the morning. The thing is, there is this vicious rumor that eating healthy requires an abundance of time in the kitchen, the time you either don’t have or would rather be spending lying in bed. Well, it’s time to shatter those misconceptions and break the cycle of bad eating habits, and we’re going to show you how you can remain lazy but still have a decent and truly healthy meal. 

Can’t pronounce it – don’t buy it

You grab a product off the shelf, turn to read the list of ingredients on the back and you’re completely baffled. You can’t even pronounce let alone understand them. If you come across a product like this, just put it down and step away slowly. Mystery ingredients are usually added for taste, appearance, or to preserve freshness. When fat (oils), sugar (corn syrup, fructose, anything ending in “ose”), or salt are at the top of the ingredients list, that’s a telltale sign that it’s bad for you, so don’t even think about putting it in the shopping cart.

Pre-planning is key


If you have any shot at eating healthy with minimum effort, you’ll have to stock up your fridge and pantry first, so you’re not caught unprepared whether in the morning or after a busy day. The smartest health resolutions are to commit to creating extensive shopping lists that include everything you’ll need for the week. That way you won’t only be prepared, but will also avoid the horrible mistake of shopping when hungry. A new research showed that when people do this, they not only end up purchasing unhealthy items like cake and such, but also a bunch of items they don’t really need. Be smart, go shopping on a full stomach and you’ll make good grocery decisions that include, fruits and vegetables, eggs, yogurt, almond butter, whole-wheat toast. Don’t forget your frozen lean proteins, like shrimp, salmon, and chicken. In addition to that, make sure you grab some vitamins while you’re at it, because, let’s face it, you need them, and as a lazy dude your vitamin intake through food is probably insufficient. 

All in one

If you’re not the type to take the time to cut up your veggies before you boil them, buy those cut up frozen veggie mixes that make cooking a whole lot easier. Get yourself a double-decker steamer for easy, steamed veggies. Also, when it comes to breakfast, you’re probably not the guy who is going to get up early and whip up some protein pancakes. That’s fine because there are great alternatives that are almost custom made for lazy dudes. Such an alternative can be found in a plant-based protein smoothie, and you can always rely on a great vegan shop to find something that soothes your taste. They are easy to mix, and will provide you with a daily dose of protein and fruit with no muss and no fuss. 

Easy does it


Once you’ve done your smart shopping, it’s time to face the music, and by music we mean kitchen. Smoothies are great as well as veggies, but you also deserve a home-cooked meal. Now, you may try to get out of it by saying that everything takes longer than it takes, but those excuses are completely invalid. Why? Because chefs like Jamie Oliver are here with an abundance of healthy and easy recipes that take only 15 minutes to make and to make the choice even easier he’s placed them into two categories. You have the ‘not too tricky’ and the ‘super easy’, so roll up your sleeves and spend 15 minutes on your health. 

Freeze with ease

The ultimate hack for lazy dudes is preparing an abundance of meals and then freezing them. For instance, there are amazing recipes for muffins and egg-based sandwiches. Make tons of these, stick them in the freezer and just pull one out on those days when you just can’t be bothered. 

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