Fall Health Resolutions

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With the fall approaching rapidly, it’s high time we did something good for ourselves. After being reckless all summer long and not really paying attention to anything – because that’s what you do in the summer, after all – now we have to make a change and embrace a more positive lifestyle. Taking care of your beard, your body and your soul is important and you need to treat every aspect of your life with equal care. Only that way will you improve your health and become a happier person, so here are five health resolutions you need to try out this fall.

Take care of your skin and beard

Though this isn’t something most men love doing, the fact is that you simply have to take care of your skin and beard if you want to look appealing. Using moisturizers, creams, beard shampoos, mustache butters and beard oils may not be your ideal way to show off your manliness, but these actually help you
appear healthier and nicer. 

You should also learn a couple of tricks – such as making a beard and face scrub out of old beard oil, for instance – and really take your skincare to a whole new level. Trust us, the people around you are going
to notice the positive change you’ve introduced in your life and your partner will surely compliment you on it.

Increase physical activity

No matter how physically active you were during the summer – and the chances are you weren’t active at all, especially if you went on a long vacation where you did nothing but lie on the beach all day long – you have to boost your activity as soon as possible. Join a gym, start playing sports with your friends, go for a jog every morning, or do anything else that makes you move and helps you feel good. 

You could also try some unusual activities you’ve never thought of before, such as starting exciting adult dance classes in Melbourne, or any other city in the world, that will make you move and help you lose a ton of weight at the same time. Thinking outside the box is always good when it comes to things you generally don’t like doing, so get up and start moving as soon as possible!

Turn to nature

Finding happiness is quite hard in this day and age, especially since so many people are just running around without having enough time for themselves. That’s why turning to nature and embracing a more natural lifestyle is the way to go this fall – not only will you feel happier and at peace, but you’ll also manage to control your weight and look better than you did in the summer. 

Eating healthier meals three times a day and avoiding fast food as much as you can are the best ways to do something good for your body, while spending more time in the open will do wonders for your levels of testosterone and serotonin. All of these things will help you look and feel better, and that’s something every man needs nowadays.


Get more sleep

This could easily be the most overlooked aspect of healthy living at the moment and rarely anyone gets as much sleep as they should every single night. However, a lack of sleep can lead to serious health issues and hurt you mentally, physically and emotionally, so do something about it quickly and change
this paradigm once and for all. 

Start going to bed earlier at night and instead of binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, just turn off the lights and slowly doze off into a state of peacefulness. In the morning, try to sleep longer than before – but don’t overdo it and start being late for work just because we say sleep is good – and make sure you get enough rest.

Visit your doctor

This is another thing most men just don’t like doing, but it’s a lifestyle change that could actually save your life. Visiting your doctor regularly and making sure everything’s all right with your body is the only way to know whether you’re healthy or there’s something you need to worry about. As you get older, the chances for various illnesses increase, and only by getting regular checkups will you be able to detect them and have time to react appropriately. So, stop making silly excuses, call your doctor today, schedule an appointment and then do the same three months from now – you may be the healthiest person in the world, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Getting ready for the fall is a long process that could seem tiring and boring at first, but it’s something you just have to do in order to look your best. Therefore, explore these five ideas, choose the ones that work for you and make them a part of your lifestyle right away.

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