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Christmas Gifts For The Bearded

A guest blog by Peter Minkoff. Christmas is upon us and we all know what this time of the year is all about, family, friends and of course, presents. Buying a gift for Christmas is unlike anything else. You need to nail down the theme of the holidays and on top of that buy a practical and fun gift. But what should you get for a bearded man? They live a different lifestyle than your average lad, use items that regular men never gets in contact with and they have their own fashion. But don’t worry, buying for bearded men is not as hard as it seems, even on Christmas. With our suggestions, you will surely impress your bristly friend, without...

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Things you didn’t know about beardruff

The beardruff is more common problem than most men/women might imagine. In reddit there are many discussion about the subject. Here is one of them by “HXCg4m3r”:  “Simply put, I like wearing dark colors and I'm experiencing a rather embarrassing amount of beardruff. Would you guys happen to have any techniques or products you employ that you'd be willing to share? I'm tired of it snowing year-round." Most of the comments in reddit about treating the beardruff are helpful but lets see what really causes the beardruff and what else can we do about it except of course – use a high quality beard oil. Too much or too little soap? The common belief is that using too much soap and...

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How and why does the beard oil work? Part 1.

In this series we will cover the benefits of different ingredients of each used oil. Risu is formatted with quality and effect in mind. We want to include you why we use and trust each ingredient that can be found inside Risu Beard Oil bottle. If you are not into specifics, this might not be for you. Because we are going to science the shit out of this.  There are many things that Risu Beard Oils do for your skin and beard. Because healthy beard lives in healthy chin, it is important to focus treating them both. But what does these anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, hydrating, derby-derby things mean? To some readers it might sound like pompous aromatherapy-benefit-dropping nonsense. So we need...

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