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Guide to Risu beard oils; what’s in them and why?

Winter is here, and you might be on the lookout for the perfect product to help your beard and skin survive through the rough winter season. Whether you’re browsing for yourself or for someone else dear and hairy faced, we have just the thing you’re looking for. To help you choose from our selection, here is some more detailed information for you about our beard oils. After all, ‘tis the season to take extra good care of your beard and skin. Risu beard oils; what’s in them & why?This is where it all started. A nourishing, natural beard oil that fulfills the needs of even the most demanding beards and their owners. We like to keep it simple, yet effective....

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May Day Drink Special - Viridian Green Gin & Tonic

Many of my friends often ask me do I use our own products? Well I’m that kind of artist who listens to his own music. So yes of course, I do apply Risu Beard Oil twice a day.  And I’ll also tell you a secret. My favorite one is Viridian Green. In fact I like it so much, that for the upcoming mayday (Vappu in Finland) we have made a special drink recipe in fashion of the Viridian Green.   So here's how you prepare Viridian Green Gin & Tonic 4 cl of Napue Gin 12 cl of Tonic water 3 leaves of basil 1 tsp of lime juice 1 brig of rosemary few frozen Sea Buckthorn berries Ice cube...

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How and why does the beard oil work? Part 1.

In this series we will cover the benefits of different ingredients of each used oil. Risu is formatted with quality and effect in mind. We want to include you why we use and trust each ingredient that can be found inside Risu Beard Oil bottle. If you are not into specifics, this might not be for you. Because we are going to science the shit out of this.  There are many things that Risu Beard Oils do for your skin and beard. Because healthy beard lives in healthy chin, it is important to focus treating them both. But what does these anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, hydrating, derby-derby things mean? To some readers it might sound like pompous aromatherapy-benefit-dropping nonsense. So we need...

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